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The new vitality in the packaging industry


Electronic packaging, or called "e package", is a more and more frequent in packaging and printing and paper products processing industry. Although the development of electronic packaging is still in its infancy, but had to admit that its bring packaging industry a new development opportunity, some experts even predict the technology will usher in innovative progress in the next few years. So, what is electronic packaging, this emerging technology and what effect will the packaging printing industry, what chance?

Printing of electronic technology

Printing electronic technology is the foundation of electronic packaging, electronic means on the base material (no copper foil) using rapid, efficient and flexible digital ink-jet printing technology to form the conductive lines and graphics, or form the whole process of printed circuit boards. More specific, is the use of digital inkjet technology manufacturing electronic devices and the system of science and technology. At present, can use the printing production of electronic technology devices include transistors, RFID tags, antennas, sensors, mobile devices, digital and large variable advertising screens, as well as the low pressure, environmental protection, such as batteries.

For a long time, printed electronics is active in research laboratories and high-tech industry, the printing and packaging industry rarely get printed electronics related information. In fact, a lot of ongoing research and development of high-tech used in the printing technology. Unfortunately, a lot of printing and packaging manufacturer does not know, through their original shop in ordinary printing and printing process will be able to print an electronic circuit.

The impact on the packaging and printing

According to the analysis of the printing industry, the global electronics and environmental protection in printing printing batteries has been widely and a variety of needs and supplies involved, finance, health care, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and other fields. Cambridge IDTechEx, forecast the size of the printed electronics markets around the world will be more than $35 billion in 2018, electronic packaging size of the market in 2020 will amount to $7.7 billion.

If the packaging and printing and labelling industry leader to adopt advanced automatic identification and automatic identification technology of data collection (AIDC), so they are likely to become the first printed electronics distributors of this "market cake". Especially in the mass consumer market, the AIDC technology has been proved with application value, and is currently in brand protection and product authentication applications, such as monitoring products from the production processing, the finished product inventory, distribution, retail to the seller, can build from the final products timely tracing the source of tracking the closed-loop system.

In consumer goods market, AIDC technology mainly confined to bar code application in the past, more than 10 years ago in the RFID (radio frequency identification) technology with perfect and reliable, unattended way of wireless data exchange ability, as well as smart labels and electronic product code (EPC) technology innovation development, supplement the deficiency of the bar code system. And electronic packaging is expected to become the next fast growing market, because it will bring AIDC technology into a value creation and the new height of return on investment.

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