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A paper industry a new situation "green paper" seeks the breakthrough


As the environmental protection department of the papermaking industry in China has established strict papermaking wastewater discharge standard, leads to the transformation of the papermaking industry to speed up into the development period. In 2016, adjusting and optimizing the structure, the transformation of the mode of development, improve the quality of our products will be the main topics of the paper industry of our country must face in the new period. To achieve this goal, promote the green paper is a priority.

The sustainable development of building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly green paper industry in 2016 is one of the main trend of industrial development. Forest paper integration project construction, paper making raw material base construction will continue to push forward, strengthening waste paper recycling, waste water, waste gas, waste residue recycle technique of deep exploration, circular economy gradually formed. 

Eliminate backward production capacity, and promote the development of low carbon and clean production, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction is a major topic in papermaking enterprise, through technical modification, biomass energy production in papermaking industry will be raised to a new level. Increase the comprehensive utilization of resources and efficient, building green ecological industrial chain, resources, environment and benefit coordinated green paper is gradually formed a new situation.

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