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Papermaking industry how to growth better "quality"?


"Rapid economic growth, the ultimate care the quality of growth, only in the case of growth is relatively slow, precipitation, will have to lay the solid foundation for the sustainable development of the future." The country during the two sessions, former Malaysian political secretary, nanyang technological university in Singapore's south Hu Yishan international institute for advanced research scholars, in an interview, interpretation of our country's economy under the "new normal" of new opportunities.

For China's paper industry, this sentence. Extensive growth was "special" in papermaking industry. Today, under the background of the transformation of the mode of economic growth in China, the paper industry how to grow better "quality"? Believe in the twelfth session of the fourth meeting of the National People's Congress, the state council lee in the government work report, you can find the answer. Innovation is to improve the quality of "core power" this year the government work report, the word "innovation" was mentioned 61 times, far higher than last year.

Imported equipment, the introduction of the management of technology, widely used, paper mills in China as "high-end" three marks, also is the pride of the Chinese paper mills sanbao, but they are always TaShan jade. Papermaking industry in our country's capacity for independent innovation is weak, the introduction of technology digestion, absorption and innovation, production, not form a organic whole, has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the industry. Therefore, "innovation" is the papermaking industry to improve the quality of the "core power.

Specifically, the report "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the innovation must be placed in the core of the national development and global position, further implement the strategy of innovation driven development. Start a new batch of major national science and technology projects, the construction of a batch of high level of the national center for science and technology innovation center, cultivating growing a batch of internationally competitive innovative leader. By 2020, strive for in basic research, applied research and strategic major breakthroughs in frontier areas, the whole society r&d input intensity reached 2.5%, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to economic growth of 60%, an innovative country and talent powers towards the procession.

This year is the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", more emphasis enterprise innovation main body status in our country, promote the manufacturing industry to upgrade. The report stresses that claim additional deduction to implement the enterprise research and development costs, improve the high and new technology enterprise, science and technology business incubator, etc. The preferential tax policy. Support industry leader construction high level research and development institutions. + Internet "deepening" made in China, the construction of a number of national manufacturing industry innovation platform, implement a group of intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, start strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment and other major projects. Implementation of accelerated depreciation policy, organize the implementation of major technical upgrading project.

"Lean" + "body" new breakthrough

In the past, the pulp and paper industry is more extensive growth, backward production capacity is not only the production efficiency is low, but also increased the difficulty of environmental governance. Pulp and paper industry to improve the quality of growth, it is only through the dissolve excess capacity, promote the green development, to achieve new breakthrough.       

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